Facebook Page Search

This is simple facebook page search demo, done without using any external library just for fun 🙂 Open

Highchart – Annotation Plugin

Quick annotation plugin for Highcharts Git Link: https://github.com/BlackDevil-Q18/HighchartAnnotation.git Included features :- 1. Text annotation 2. Line marker 3. Area indicator Depedency :- 1) Jquery 2) Promise polyfill for some browsers(eg. IE9) How to Use it:- Step 1 : Include script and css //script src=”./highchart.annotation.js” //link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./css/highchart.annotation.css” Step 2 : Have following Highchart Container HTML […]


3DHTML-Web : UX Design Approach

INTRODUCTION 3D Graphics and VR (virtual reality) has always been a fascinating topic in computer science, but in last decade it has grown exponentially more powerful, realistic and at the same time easy to use too. Growing research in these fields both academics and IT companies have provided a very strong base and opportunities for […]

3D Movie Theater : Seats selection Process

All online movie booking portals provide a 2D interface for seats selection process, customer is shown a top view of the theatre’s seats layout as an image and is expected to imagine/interpret the actual movie theater hall to perform the selection. This is too much for the customer to imagine, In today’s computer aided surroundings […]

Q-UI Suite: Smart Form Engine

Smart Form Smart Form is not a UI component but a prediction Engine that can be attached to all generic Forms UI. Smart Form Prediction Engine is designed to help create Form that reduces manual data entry redundancy. Smart form algorithm stores the user entered values for form fields and uses them to calculate the […]

Q-JSON : Reduced JSON schema

Mobility has already become the mainstream interface requirement for applications and the end users; this is forcing all applications/companies to adopt Web services [1] based architecture. But supporting mobility and the growing demand for better user experience comes with technical constraints such as memory space and lower data transfer rate. This paper proposes a new reduced JSON schema […]