Highchart – Annotation Plugin

Quick annotation plugin for Highcharts Git Link: https://github.com/BlackDevil-Q18/HighchartAnnotation.git

Included features :- 1. Text annotation 2. Line marker 3. Area indicator

Depedency :-
1) Jquery
2) Promise polyfill for some browsers(eg. IE9)

How to Use it:-
Step 1 : Include script and css

          //script src="./highchart.annotation.js"
          //link rel="stylesheet" href="./css/highchart.annotation.css"

Step 2 : Have following Highchart Container HTML Structure
            div id="highchartContainerParent"
              div id-"highchartContainer"

Step 3 : Get highchart refernece chartObj
        var chartObj = new Highcharts.Chart({

Step 4 : Use * chartObj * #highchartContainerParent *enableAnnotationbutton to create HighchartAnnotation object.
  new HighchartAnnotation(chartObj,toggleActionbtn",highchartContainerParent)
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