3D Movie Theater : Seats selection Process

All online movie booking portals provide a 2D interface for seats selection process, customer is shown a top view of the theatre's seats layout as an image and is expected to imagine/interpret the actual movie theater hall to perform the selection. This is too much for the customer to imagine, In today's computer aided surroundings this experience can definitely be improved. Here is a solution to display the theater 3D model to the end user, where he can easily visualize the actual theater and confidently perform the seats selection, theater's 3D model also provides the capability that allows the customer to see the human eye view from his selected seats thus improving the overall experience.

Example :

Here user can double click on any seats to have the human eye view from the same. Above example is based on THREE.js (refer. link http://threejs.org/). This same concept can also be extended to Concerts, Restaurant and Stadium seats selection where the actual view from the seats is very important.

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