Q-NLP: nlp Processor for Enterprise Applications

Q-NLP is an nlp engine compatible with PLM Software such as Enovia, Solidworks etc. to provide an improved and simplified user Experience. It uses simple sentences as input to perform complex queries on end users behalf. These sentences can be typed in or spoken to the system depending upon the browsers compatibility (i.e. Only Chrome is supported for audio input).
Q-NLP implies a Machine Learning Mechanism which allows it to learn new sentence formats and improve its efficiency. This Engine can be configured and thought organizations existing keywords and way of working. It can work with all languages with some pre-configurations relating to the type/attribute name mappings.Q-NLP due to its configuration/learning capabilities can help organizations to quickly adopt to these PLM systems by acting as a part of the usage and adaptability bridge between the organizations existing approach and new PLM standards.

Future Enhancements:-
1) This Engine can be further grown to even accommodate the way end results are represented to the user, e.g. Displaying end results in form of charts or some other specific UI mode.
2) Q-NLP can also add ML sentiment analysis algorithms to recognize interrogative sentences and be able to reply with appropriate details/answers.

How to use Q-NLP?
Current Pre-configuration with Learning turned off.
• TYPE = DOCUMENTS, Project Space
All input statements are referred as 'fetch me stories' due to their data fetching behaviour.

1) Simple Fetch Story:-
Fetch me all documents whose state are activeOutput:-
WHERE = null

2) Simple Fetch story with Where condition
Fetch me all Documents whose state is create and owner is PratikOutput:-
WHERE = ((current==create)||(current==active))

3) Nested Fetch Story
Fetch me all documents whose owner is Pratik and state is active connected as referenceDoc under Projects whose state is active and owner is PratikOutput:-
WHERE = ((owner==Pratik)&&(current==active))
RELATIONSHIP = referenceDoc
TYPE = Project Space
WHERE = (owner==pratik)

DEMO : Fetch me Story

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